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At Vertco Ltd the major polymer used is EPDM for the air and water hoses. However, a wide range of  polymers are also used, as stipulated by the customer. Some of the materials and polymers we use are listed below.

  • EPDM

    Higher heat resistance than other hydro-carbon rubbers. Not affected by ozone. High aging resistance.


    Oil resistant. Can be compounded for relatively high temperature resistance. Moderate aging resistance. Good adhesion to steel.


    Moderate ozone and weather resistance. Good heat resistance and flex life. Self extinguishing. Medium resistance to petroleum based oils and fuels.


    Commonly used in heating (or cooling) systems and air systems (hot and cold). Has a working temperature between -50°C to 225°C. Fluoro-liner is used where oil-resistance is necessary.


    The uses of NR are myriad, its unique and excellent properties are utilised in tyres, shock mounts, seals, isolators, couplings, hose and many moulding applications.


    Ozone and weather resistance. Low permeability to gases. High energy absorption. High heat resistance. Operational temperature range – 50oC to 100oC. Resistant to most inorganic chemicals.

  • HNBR

    Oil resistant rubber with good heat resistance up to 150oC. Superior in this respect to ordinary NBR. Improved ozone resistance. Dependant on the degree of hydrogenation. Good resistance to liquids containing hydrogen sulphide. Resistant to inorganic chemicals other than oxidising agents. Used for seals and gaskets.