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Oil Return Suction Hose   arrow

We manufacture a variety of low to medium pressure oil hoses as original equipment for our customers.
Within this production group are the following:

  1. Nitrile liner – Tyre cord reinforcement – Neoprene cover 20 bar type at any required bore (low flexibility).
  2. Nitrile or Neoprene liner – Nylon mock Leno reinforcement – Neoprene cover, 10 bar type at any required bore (high flexibility).
  3. Composite oil return hose special, fitted with internal wire helix and eminently suitable for low positive pressure and high vacuum resistance. This type of hose is particularly useful for replacing formed steel tube at lower cost and a considerable reduction in decibel levels.

Any combination of requirements can be processed without any technical problem.


The photo above shows a 4” bore oil suction hose with a homogeneously bonded leg