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Under bonnet space in modern vehicles is a threatened commodity. The engine bay appears “shrink wrapped” when compared to older vehicles. This presents great challenge for the cooling packages with the need for larger air filtration units and greater volume charge air requirements crushed into a diminishing area.

The challenge has been two fold:

  1. Larger bore sizes to fit larger air filter connections whilst the engine and turbo connections remain the same size.
  2. Shape and directional variety to allow bonnet closure and replace fabricated metalwork with our hose fabrications to allow the maximum flexibility to achieve this end.

In a world of special shapes and requirements supplied to OE customers a JIT basis this family of hoses is a specialty amongst them.

Manufactured / Moulded Hoses

We manufacture “flattened hose”, “coned hose”, “square section hose”, “tee hose”, “Y hose” and all of these types are invariably REDUCER type.

Our very special and unique compound allows us to replace formed metal pipework and short rubber cuffs and clips with a single hose. The result is quite remarkable with the engine bay suddenly taking on a very professional appearance instead of the “Heath Robinson” predecessor.

The advantage is also felt commercially where the replacement of metalwork is concerned especially where there are changes in diameter. WE ARE CHEAPER & QUIETER than the metallic alternative.

We are able to withstand temperatures under bonnet of up to 160oC and we have a history of supplying large volume to refer to.

We manufacture our own tooling in-house at cost (we profit from the hose) and we pride ourselves on two things:

  1. We respond to a quotation request and manufacture development products quicker than anyone in the world.
  2. We do it more cost efficiently than anyone in the world.

The Photograph above shows an original air hose made up of Rubber hoses and Steel Tube and the Vertco version below it Which is the new Original Equipment hose used.
The hose is 4” Bore and approx 2m long.

The above Photograph shows a 4” to 3” bore reducer Air Inlet Hose.

Hand-built Hoses

Instead of purchasing moulded parts, in addition to the cost of the mould itself, Vertco can offer hand-built units at significantly lower cost. Please contact us for more details on this exciting option to hose production.

Hand-built Air Induction Hose

The above picture represents hand-built air hoses, created without the need for expensive mouldings.