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We produce our heater hose to the standard SAE J20 R3 Class E.

The bonded fibre reinforced product allows us to manufacture with a greater resistance to kink than the standard TPE or braided type and our customers find this invaluable when using bulk hose supply.

Our ability to make the most complicated route hose in one piece is a great benefit when it comes to appearance and fitting on the production line. One clip at each end of the hose is much more appealing than various sections of metal tube, hose and Jubilee clips in an assembly and is much more desirable where leak prevention is concerned.

The photo above shows the benefit of our one piece hose against the multi piece original

Multi legged heater hose and water connections are becoming increasingly popular as the design engineers become ever more aware of what we are capable of producing.

Conceptual horizons are being raised and we are being challenged on a daily basis, which we relish because of our competitive nature.